NAMM 2014

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NAMM 2014

First day of Namm.

This place is stupid amazing! The security is insane, and that's because
the stars are in the building. As a music nerd I have a healthy respect
for all of my peers, and I have enjoyed meeting, and chatting them up. The
vibe here is really chill, because, as they have told me, "Hell, you're in
here, so you have to be someone special too!". Cool.


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Happy Halloween

Getting ready for tomorrow! Last year Jah'hani was a Banana, and this year Puss N Boots! Every year his sister goes as a "older" girl(grrrrr).

Happy Halloween to you all! Please be safe, scare someone, smile, laugh and take pictures! We don't have the time we think we have...


Omaha, NE

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I fell asleep at 11pm and woke up at 2 am to drive O, Jah, and myself to Tampa to catch the early flight.

 I have been told by my close friends that I am like the "Energizer Bunny". I think there is a bit of truth to that, because I can work all day, get 3 hours of sleep and get up and drive on the highway for hours. This trip would prove to be a little different though, because little man Jah'hani was traveling, and oh was this kid NOT HAPPY. Jah gets around 10-12 hours of sleep a night, but this day not so much, and man he let EVERYONE in the airport, the Airplane, and especially his parents know never to do this to him again! 

 I have a confession, before I had a baby and would be on a flight, I used to curse the child that wouldn't shut up! Now..I AM that parent of THAT kid that is just moaning and groaning. I repented all of my former thoughts, and asked for forgiveness by asking for forgivness to ALL of my surrounding passengers. "Sorry everyone, my child is NOt a morning person, as we all see. We are THAT family." which was actually well accepted. I can only hope that it helped ease the minds of all on board. Luckily I have become a master at helping my child fall asleep, and he was out in 20 minutes, but... There was another flight for my son to terrorize, and terrorize he did. This poor old lady was sitting in the isle next to us, and she leaned in toward him, saying, "oh, how cute you are!". Jah'hani looked for a second, and I knew what was coming next. If my son could speak he would have asked the lady, "What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!" I was too late, I saw it coming, but being so tired I was a second off, and the slap echoed through the plane, followed by laughter of my child. Poor lady. She took it like a champ though. She gently smiled, and slowly moved back into her "seat-back position" and proceeded to  touch her cheek. SIGH.

 We made it to Omaha, and went to my Father's office to surprise him with his Grandson. Everyone knew, BUT him. Let me say that I never met my Father's dad, he died before I was born, and I think this being his first Grandchild gives my dad a different outlook on being a Grandfather. He was so shocked, and happy! When we left, they were holding hands as we walked out of his office. Really a beautiful site to see. 

 The rest of the few days we spent together went well. I got to see my baby sisters, who are now huge! I actually called them on the stage with me for a quick picture(Ma I need you to send that BTW!), and we met all of my parent's friends. My Ma also introduced me before I played. Special. 

 As I get older I realize that family is all there really is. I just hope to have more days with them before it's time to say goodbye(for now). 

 After t

Katia= The Light

on Wednesday, 25 September 2013.

Katia= The Light

On Saturday we left my family earlier than expected. I was told about an "amazing person" named Katia Sullivan who was battling leukemia, among other illnesses, and The Westchase Foundation was holding a fundraiser for her life. They asked me if I would show up and support, so we did. I believe it is extremely important to sacrifice our own happiness at times for other's happiness. This proved to be one VERY good move. Katia is a walking beam of light, and everyone she touches is changed for the better. Katia is 13 years old, and might be one of the wisest people I have met. If you get a chance to meet her, listen to what she has to say. You will be better for it.

Hard Rock Tampa

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Thanks to everyone that came to The Hard Rock last night! That was a very cool show. In everything we do there are "high" moments, and "not-so high" moments, but why focus on the latter.

Last week I received a message from a nice mother who informed me that her 15 year old son, Jake, played guitar, AND taught himself how to play my song, "Butterfly". I have never heard anything like this before. This was very humbling news. There are simply no words to describe the feeling I got when I read this message. She then asked me if it would be ok if we could play some together, maybe during a set break, which made me smile, because time is so limited in those situations, but you can understand how much she truly loves her son, and would do anything to make him happy, I feel that way with Jah'hani, and he's not even a year old yet(JUNE 23 IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!). 
I know my life IS NOT MINE, and I love to remind myself when I wake up to start my day that, "It's time to make a difference in someone's life". I feel this life would be a waste if I did not think this way. Besides, I don't care WHO you are, NOTHING in this life will make you feel better/happier than doing something for someone else out of the goodness of your heart. NOTHING. So, with that in mind I decided to bring the kid on stage with us! I could imagine how I would think if I was 15 and got to perform a song at The Hard Rock?!?!? What?!?! So, give that to someone else, and live that experience vicariously through them. Someone might have recorded it, I don't know, and if you did, please, by all means, post it here for all to see. It was just a really special moment, and that's all life really is, a series of moments, and when you realize that, you try to make the best out of all of these moments you have before it's time to check out, and we WILL eventually leave. So, Smile, relax, give, and repeat! Thank you Jake Reed for giving me a special moment I will never forget, hopefully you won't either.

Mini Milestone # 3 Temper Tantrum

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Let me first say that this might go down as a, "You had to be there" moment.

 There is nothing worse than your friend that goes to see Kevin Hart live, try to tell you and your other co-workers, or friends one of his funny jokes, and while doing it, they are laughing, because they can picture KH in their mind, and how he funny he truly was, but no one else is laughing, or even chuckling, because we are waiting for the punch-line, and then it comes, and it's just NOT FUNNY... "You had to be there"

That said

I am playing at Tupelo, in Gainesville, which is a REALLY cool spot, and my family is there, which I absolutely love. Jah'hani's mother is feeding him solids, which to him must be an absolute treat! Now, I am WATCHING THIS GO DOWN. Ornella introduces Jah to one of America's favorite past times: French Fries! Since lil' J is new to eating solids, he does what any starved child with barely any teeth would do, he attemts to shove the whole fry in his mouth. Ornella, being the all-aware, all-knowing, eagle-eyed mother she is, see this, and takes the fry out of his mouth, and out of his hand, and this is when Mini Milestone #3 takes place. 
Jah'hani STOPS MOVING. He tilts his head towards his mother, balls his tiny hands into a fist, and starts to GROWL! He then turns DARK RED, and this 20lb child turns into The Incredible Hulk! "GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! WHAT THE #$@$ ARE YOU DOING YOU CRAZY WOMAN?!?!?! GIVE ME BACK MY.....THING!!!!!" Upon seeing this go down, I immediately think of Stewy, From Family Guy(For those of you that do not watch Family Guy, Stewy is the little baby that wants to kill his mother).The entire room turns to see what this high-pitched noise was, and why the room was suddenly trembling! Glasses and dishes were falling from the tables, and a patron in the back of the room screams, "It's an EARTHQUAKE!!!" Ornella, realizing that time is precious, quickly puts a new french fry in his hand, and suddenly Jah'hani turns back into his original color, his head tilts back into place, and a smile returns to his cute little face. Balance is restored. 
I can't help but think that he has learned a valuable lesson: I get angry, I get a french fry. Only time will tell....

Friday Concert Series Omaha, NE

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I fell asleep around 11pm and woke up at 2 am to make the trip to Omaha, NE. My son was none too happy.

Friday Concert Series Omaha, NE

Hey everyone! 

I hope this week has been well for you! Omaha has been VERY kind to me and my family! We surprised my dad with a visit from his Grandson! You see my dad has pulled tricks on EVERYONE in the family, and this was the first time we actually got him! I wish I had a picture of his face when Jah'hani walked into his office.. Priceless. 

I will post pics of the show, and hopefully I can show a video as well. The stage is unreal. There have been reports to 7-10,000 people that will be here, and I get to see my dad holding my son while I play. A first. rock! 

I hope to see you tomorrow at 7pm(My Omaha Peeps)

Don't forget Saturday in Tampa is a special event.... more on that later!



on Thursday, 19 September 2013.

Hey everyone!

I hope this week has been well for you! Omaha has been VERY kind to me and my family! We surprised my dad with a visit from his Grandson! You see my dad has pulled tricks on EVERYONE in the family, and this was the first time we actually got him! I wish I had a picture of his face when Jah'hani walked into his office.. Priceless.

I will post pics of the show, and hopefully I can show a video as well. The stage is unreal. There have been reports to 7-10,000 people that will be here, and I get to see my dad holding my son while I play. A first. rock!

5 Shows in 3 days..

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When I was twenty I used to love to play multiple shows, now I realize..I'm getting old.

Today(Sept. 5th) is my brother's Birthday. Happy Birthday Phil!


Labor day has always meant "4 day weekend", but now it I see it as much more. As most of you know I was in a contest last thursday in Destin, Fl. Aside from the contest, there was a fireworks show for all of the fallen soldiers, and the ones who are still with us. I couldn't imagine what they have seen.

 The contest went well. I was the first to participate, which is both cool, yet not so cool. It's cool that you get to get everything over with, and to some degree "Set the bar". I performed "The Next One", by fan vote, and "Butterfly", by my vote ;). After I went, the emcees decided to remind the crowd that we were also being judged by crowd participation... The "not so cool" part. I wondered if  that had  anything to do with the second guy, Parker Willingham(such a cool guy) winning? Who knows. All I know is I wasn't done for the weekend. My main objective for coming to Destin was to re-establish myself there, and after my performance I was asked by two establishments to perform the next night! "Ask and you shall receive."

 The next night I performed at a resort, which was outdoors, asweats as dropping sweat  like I was sweating to the oldies! I played for an hour, and had a good time. 

 The next spot was in the middle of a huge walkway, by "huge",  I mean there was a bungee jumping platform 30-40 feet behind me. I was scheduled to play from 9:30-10:30. I played until 11:45. I met some of THE NICEST people that night, and it is EVERY players dream to play in front of people that are truly feeling your music, and listening to every word you have to say, so why end it early? At one point there was a large group standing around, and for a minute I was thinking, "This is great! They are all digging what I'm doing!". No. There was a girl on the bungee jump, who was scared to jump. So, I decided to make the moment more entertaining, and start singing,"Free Falling". She didn't think that too funny. 

 Eventually she jumped, as I was playing, "Eye of the Tiger". Everyone applauded, and it was then that I got a text from an old friend of mine, Sam, as in "Son of Sam", a very popular DJ in Destin, who happen to be spinning at Coyote Ugly, and San told me he could get me on stage after the band finished, and an extra bonus  the owner would be there. So, it was on to my 4th show. Let's roll.

 When I got to The Ugly, there were many girls dancing on top of the bar, just like the movie, yet, there was something missing...Oh yeah, that really cute actress from the movie. I felt robbed. Just kidding(for those of you who take things a little too seriously). I did my very best to avoid people on my way in, I knew I had just been playing for hours, and the chances of me smelling "good" were very small. I have noticed that many times a woman, IF she sees me working(playing)she has NO PROBLEM hugging me, sweaty, and stank, "It's work, so it's all good.", but this situation was NOT like that. Yes, I had finished working, but no one there SAW ME WORKING, so I am just that rank, smelly dude up in the club selling roses for $2!  I went to the back, where the outside stage was, and waited my turn to play, and play I did.

 Its pretty interesting the position that I find myself in. There are some places where people have heard my music before, and there is no "trying" to impress, and the shows are really easy, but tonight I had to( "Life stuff" for more on this)do this three different times. You never know what space people are in and what they maybe in the mood to hear, and sadly, people now-a-days will give you 30 seconds, or more if you are lucky, before they decide that you are "good" or not. Crazy. 19 years of playing the guitar come down to 30 seconds. The first song I performed was "blurred Lines". I figured it's a club, best come with SOMETHING they know. They were really digging it. "Thank you God!". At one point people were taking out their camera phones and recording me. It's funny, you just don't know how far down the rabbit hole those videos go. Then I played "The Next One", and lastly "No Diggity" at one moment I saw the owner standing there, bobbing his head, so I think that was a good sign that I will be able to have my own night there in the near future. 

 The Next day I drove through Alabama, into Georgia to perform in Marietta, and those shows are SPECIAL. Easily, one of my favorite places to play, because I get to see my family, and very close friends, and the staff of The Wing Cafe know every word to every song I have recorded. One day I hope and pray that everywhere I play people know every lyric, and we can sing together. The show ended at 1:30. I finally found my hotel, looked at the clock and it was 3 am. I had to get up at 5 to make it home to be with my family, and thank God I did. I slept for two days. 


I can't wait to do it again.


New Website!

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New Website!

Everything is changing in the world, and I am changing too! New baby, new hair, new shows, and a new website! Have fun looking around, and doing some leisurely reading on what's going on in my little world. THANK YOU for checking out my new site!

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