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When I was twenty I used to love to play multiple shows, now I realize..I'm getting old.

Today(Sept. 5th) is my brother's Birthday. Happy Birthday Phil!


Labor day has always meant "4 day weekend", but now it I see it as much more. As most of you know I was in a contest last thursday in Destin, Fl. Aside from the contest, there was a fireworks show for all of the fallen soldiers, and the ones who are still with us. I couldn't imagine what they have seen.

 The contest went well. I was the first to participate, which is both cool, yet not so cool. It's cool that you get to get everything over with, and to some degree "Set the bar". I performed "The Next One", by fan vote, and "Butterfly", by my vote ;). After I went, the emcees decided to remind the crowd that we were also being judged by crowd participation... The "not so cool" part. I wondered if  that had  anything to do with the second guy, Parker Willingham(such a cool guy) winning? Who knows. All I know is I wasn't done for the weekend. My main objective for coming to Destin was to re-establish myself there, and after my performance I was asked by two establishments to perform the next night! "Ask and you shall receive."

 The next night I performed at a resort, which was outdoors, asweats as dropping sweat  like I was sweating to the oldies! http://www.amazon.com/The-Complete-Collection-Sweatin-Oldies/dp/B000Z0UEV0 I played for an hour, and had a good time. 

 The next spot was in the middle of a huge walkway, by "huge",  I mean there was a bungee jumping platform 30-40 feet behind me. I was scheduled to play from 9:30-10:30. I played until 11:45. I met some of THE NICEST people that night, and it is EVERY players dream to play in front of people that are truly feeling your music, and listening to every word you have to say, so why end it early? At one point there was a large group standing around, and for a minute I was thinking, "This is great! They are all digging what I'm doing!". No. There was a girl on the bungee jump, who was scared to jump. So, I decided to make the moment more entertaining, and start singing,"Free Falling". She didn't think that too funny. 

 Eventually she jumped, as I was playing, "Eye of the Tiger". Everyone applauded, and it was then that I got a text from an old friend of mine, Sam, as in "Son of Sam", a very popular DJ in Destin, who happen to be spinning at Coyote Ugly, and San told me he could get me on stage after the band finished, and an extra bonus  the owner would be there. So, it was on to my 4th show. Let's roll.

 When I got to The Ugly, there were many girls dancing on top of the bar, just like the movie, yet, there was something missing...Oh yeah, that really cute actress from the movie. I felt robbed. Just kidding(for those of you who take things a little too seriously). I did my very best to avoid people on my way in, I knew I had just been playing for hours, and the chances of me smelling "good" were very small. I have noticed that many times a woman, IF she sees me working(playing)she has NO PROBLEM hugging me, sweaty, and stank, "It's work, so it's all good.", but this situation was NOT like that. Yes, I had finished working, but no one there SAW ME WORKING, so I am just that rank, smelly dude up in the club selling roses for $2!  I went to the back, where the outside stage was, and waited my turn to play, and play I did.

 Its pretty interesting the position that I find myself in. There are some places where people have heard my music before, and there is no "trying" to impress, and the shows are really easy, but tonight I had to(debatable...read "Life stuff" for more on this)do this three different times. You never know what space people are in and what they maybe in the mood to hear, and sadly, people now-a-days will give you 30 seconds, or more if you are lucky, before they decide that you are "good" or not. Crazy. 19 years of playing the guitar come down to 30 seconds. The first song I performed was "blurred Lines". I figured it's a club, best come with SOMETHING they know. They were really digging it. "Thank you God!". At one point people were taking out their camera phones and recording me. It's funny, you just don't know how far down the rabbit hole those videos go. Then I played "The Next One", and lastly "No Diggity" at one moment I saw the owner standing there, bobbing his head, so I think that was a good sign that I will be able to have my own night there in the near future. 

 The Next day I drove through Alabama, into Georgia to perform in Marietta, and those shows are SPECIAL. Easily, one of my favorite places to play, because I get to see my family, and very close friends, and the staff of The Wing Cafe know every word to every song I have recorded. One day I hope and pray that everywhere I play people know every lyric, and we can sing together. The show ended at 1:30. I finally found my hotel, looked at the clock and it was 3 am. I had to get up at 5 to make it home to be with my family, and thank God I did. I slept for two days. 


I can't wait to do it again.


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