Hard Rock Tampa

on Thursday, 19 September 2013. Posted in News

Thanks to everyone that came to The Hard Rock last night! That was a very cool show. In everything we do there are "high" moments, and "not-so high" moments, but why focus on the latter.

Last week I received a message from a nice mother who informed me that her 15 year old son, Jake, played guitar, AND taught himself how to play my song, "Butterfly". I have never heard anything like this before. This was very humbling news. There are simply no words to describe the feeling I got when I read this message. She then asked me if it would be ok if we could play some together, maybe during a set break, which made me smile, because time is so limited in those situations, but you can understand how much she truly loves her son, and would do anything to make him happy, I feel that way with Jah'hani, and he's not even a year old yet(JUNE 23 IS AROUND THE CORNER!!!). 
I know my life IS NOT MINE, and I love to remind myself when I wake up to start my day that, "It's time to make a difference in someone's life". I feel this life would be a waste if I did not think this way. Besides, I don't care WHO you are, NOTHING in this life will make you feel better/happier than doing something for someone else out of the goodness of your heart. NOTHING. So, with that in mind I decided to bring the kid on stage with us! I could imagine how I would think if I was 15 and got to perform a song at The Hard Rock?!?!? What?!?! So, give that to someone else, and live that experience vicariously through them. Someone might have recorded it, I don't know, and if you did, please, by all means, post it here for all to see. It was just a really special moment, and that's all life really is, a series of moments, and when you realize that, you try to make the best out of all of these moments you have before it's time to check out, and we WILL eventually leave. So, Smile, relax, give, and repeat! Thank you Jake Reed for giving me a special moment I will never forget, hopefully you won't either.

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