I'm a Daddy again!

on Sunday, 12 October 2014. Posted in Daddy Stuff

On September 13, 2014 my daughter, Valentina Rose McCarty was born. Being the old school daddy I am, I felt my baby was too young to join social media before today. wink emoticon

My daughter's name is basically paying homage to her elders, and ancestors. My grandmother's maiden name was "Valentine". My mother's middle name is "Rose". I am also a Valentine baby, so Valentina Rose is here.

Having a son means raising and creating a man. Having a daughter is a whole other game. One of my brothers, Ernest Jackson, who is a father of a 16 month old daughter told me this:

"She will look to you before all others, in a way she will never look at another. You will be a constant reminder of what she is worth. She will feel and be safe under your watch. You are her protector and teacher of "mans" capability. All other men in her life will mirror what you show her or fill what you lack to provide. You are now, in this moment a HERO.... "

Thank you God for my little princess.


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