Mini Milestone # 3 Temper Tantrum

on Thursday, 19 September 2013. Posted in Daddy Stuff

Let me first say that this might go down as a, "You had to be there" moment.

 There is nothing worse than your friend that goes to see Kevin Hart live, try to tell you and your other co-workers, or friends one of his funny jokes, and while doing it, they are laughing, because they can picture KH in their mind, and how he funny he truly was, but no one else is laughing, or even chuckling, because we are waiting for the punch-line, and then it comes, and it's just NOT FUNNY... "You had to be there"

That said

I am playing at Tupelo, in Gainesville, which is a REALLY cool spot, and my family is there, which I absolutely love. Jah'hani's mother is feeding him solids, which to him must be an absolute treat! Now, I am WATCHING THIS GO DOWN. Ornella introduces Jah to one of America's favorite past times: French Fries! Since lil' J is new to eating solids, he does what any starved child with barely any teeth would do, he attemts to shove the whole fry in his mouth. Ornella, being the all-aware, all-knowing, eagle-eyed mother she is, see this, and takes the fry out of his mouth, and out of his hand, and this is when Mini Milestone #3 takes place. 
Jah'hani STOPS MOVING. He tilts his head towards his mother, balls his tiny hands into a fist, and starts to GROWL! He then turns DARK RED, and this 20lb child turns into The Incredible Hulk! "GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! WHAT THE #$@$ ARE YOU DOING YOU CRAZY WOMAN?!?!?! GIVE ME BACK MY.....THING!!!!!" Upon seeing this go down, I immediately think of Stewy, From Family Guy(For those of you that do not watch Family Guy, Stewy is the little baby that wants to kill his mother).The entire room turns to see what this high-pitched noise was, and why the room was suddenly trembling! Glasses and dishes were falling from the tables, and a patron in the back of the room screams, "It's an EARTHQUAKE!!!" Ornella, realizing that time is precious, quickly puts a new french fry in his hand, and suddenly Jah'hani turns back into his original color, his head tilts back into place, and a smile returns to his cute little face. Balance is restored. 
I can't help but think that he has learned a valuable lesson: I get angry, I get a french fry. Only time will tell....

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