NAMM 2014

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NAMM 2014

First day of Namm.

This place is stupid amazing! The security is insane, and that's because
the stars are in the building. As a music nerd I have a healthy respect
for all of my peers, and I have enjoyed meeting, and chatting them up. The
vibe here is really chill, because, as they have told me, "Hell, you're in
here, so you have to be someone special too!". Cool.

The building is full of technology at it's best. All the major recording

appliances, microphones, guitars, Dj equipment, computers, EVERYTHING is
here. The creators of all of the major guitars you know ARE HERE, and they
love calling you by your first name, like we have been kicking it for

I kicked it with Tre Cool(Green Day's drummer), Giovanni
Hidalgo(percussionist for Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Simon), Victor Wooten(Bass
player Bela flek, Dave Matthews), Chris Dave(Mint Condition's drummer),
and one of my childhood idols, Living Color(Cult of Personality), who I
must tell you were the coolest, funniest cats I have met in a long time.
Conversation went like this:

Me: "Yo man, you made me dude!"
Vernon(guitarist) "I'm your daddy?!?"
Corey(Lead singer) "Nah man, I'M his daddy, he's good looking, like ME!"
Me: "You ain't my daddy! If you were, where the hell is my 'daddy money?!"
Vernon: "here(pulls out a dollar), that's all I got from your brother's
and sister's mothers!"
Me: "Thanks! I'll just use it to download "Cult of Personality" , So I can
listen to it and think of all the time we missed playing catch, you
miserable bastard!"
This is part when we all started rolling.

Like I said, this place is great, and that was only day 1!

Check it out here:

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