Special Thanks

on Sunday, 02 February 2014.

Special thanks to these companies at NAMM

I just want to thank these companies and people for helping to make my first NAMM experience amazing!


Cole Clark Guitars- Thanks Sean for allowing me to perform with The Fat Lady 2! I fell in love with these guitars the first time I touched one! This was the first place I went to while I was there, and it was the best move I did! Can't wait to play one again!

Aclam Guitars- Victor Partido for allowing me to use their pedal board. What a cool invention they created! A pedal board that illuminates! To Barcelona with love!

Clayton Guitar Picks! Thanks Mrs Sharron for coming to check me out, AND for singing to me! "I like the way you work it!". Hopefully I will have my very own "Chris McCarty" picks!

Boss and Roland-  Paul Yougblood and Aaron Marino for listening to me go 100 mph on how much I love their equipment! In my "royals" video I use BOTH a Boss and Roland's Gr33. Thank you for helping artists like me sound really cool!

Gator Cases- Brian Larsen for your time and information for my new cases. I look forward to hanging with you in Tampa soon homey!

Rock Cellar- Adrian for coming to my show, and for the write up. Look forward to many interviews with you my man.

RAM Mounts- Jason Shipley for your confidence in your product, that made you GIVE me one of your mounts. That sort of confidence is infectious. Can't wait to show you a picture of me using it on stage!

GoPro- David Rodick for the conversation while the madness was happening around us! Can't wait to put together a video using GoPro cameras! That will be VERY cool.


I will see you all next year at least, but hopefully soon I will be representing ALL of your equipment and will be able to do my part in helping YOU spread the word about your passion with music. THANK YOU!!!



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